• Imagine if you knew EXACTLY WHAT TO DO next to create the life you really, really want.
  • Imagine how it would feel to finally TAKE CONTROL of any problem, overwhelm, or challenge you've been struggling with that keeps getting in your way.
  • Imagine having CLARITY & FOCUS to make decisions & create real progress toward achieving your goals.
  • Imagine feeling CONFIDENT & IN CONTROL of your life.
  • Imagine finally going after YOUR DREAMS
  • Imagine designing a life with PURPOSE, FULFILLMENT, and MEANING built on what you most want in your life.  
  • Imagine TAKING ACTION RIGHT NOW to go after what you really, really want.

 All of that is available to you!


The biggest factor impacting your ability to have what you really want is YOU.  That's the good news! Working together, we'll utilize the tools and concepts based on principles in cognitive behavioral psychology to get you unstuck and break through what's holding you back. AND, create an ACTION plan that feels aligned for you with targeted coaching to OVERCOME OBSTACLES along the path.

You are smart. And frustrated! You WANT MORE but haven't been able to get unstuck & figure out how to make it happen.

You have the power to create the future you most desire! I created the Future Focus M.A.P.™ framework to help you gain clarity and create a clear path & action plan to your vision.  With new implementation strategies, tools, and targeted coaching through the challenges, we'll dive deep into transforming your life so you can take your biggest vision to reality.  You will finally have the knowledge, tools, & support to show up, take action, and go after your BIG VISION!

Choose an 8 or 12 week package with weekly coaching sessions.

Here's what we'll do:

  • Get specific clarity around your vision.
  • Dive deep into all the obstacles and challenges that have come up & that might come up in the future.
  • Create your clear path so you can keep moving & create momentum toward your big, impossible goal.  
  • Define your personal implementation strategies to show up differently, do things differently, and create different results.
  • Utilize tools and support from a professional coach to solve problems & keep taking targeted action. 
  • Celebrate the wins!!

1:1 Coaching Packages

Option One:  8  Week Package  $1800

Option Two:  12 Week Package  $2700

This is Your First Moment of Truth:

What do you really wish you had the courage to do? Are you ready to TAKE 100% responsibility for your life & make it happen?

Let's create your unique path to achieve YOUR big, impossible goal so you can create a life of meaning, fulfillment and purpose. 

Apply for a FREE Discovery Call to see if this program is a great fit to finally do what you've always wanted. *Limited spots available. Click below for a no-obligation application & schedule.

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