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Create a business that gives you the freedom to live life on your terms

A 3-Month Cohort Group Program with the Science-based Knowledge, Support, Accountability, & Coaching To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Many entrepreneurs are surprised by the challenge of their new freedom, flexibility, & independence -  the very reasons they took the leap to go out on their own. They struggle to achieve their dream of having a successful business of their own.

 Can you relate?

  • Starting your business was the fun part, but maintaining discipline and accountability is challenging outside a structured environment.
  • Defining clear personal and aligned business goals is a challenge.
  • Managing time and prioritizing tasks can be difficult with so much freedom.
  • Overcoming psychological hurdles like perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt, and indecision hampers progress.
  • Coping with feelings of loneliness and lack of support & accountability is tough while building a business alone.
  • Knowing you could crush it if you could just get out of your own way.

You deserve to be the confident CEO of a business that fuels your passion and aligns with your life.

Navigate with Clarity

Gain a clear vision, custom roadmap, and robust problem-solving tools.

Command with Confidence

Minimize confusion, make better decisions, improve efficiency, and take action.

Thrive Together

Overcome isolation with expert coaching, resources, and support.

Join the Accountability Code

Yes, navigating the shift from employee to entrepreneur can be challenging. . . AND you can achieve extraordinary goals. You are a high-achieving woman designed for success. I can help you clear the path.

I know you want to be an empowered entrepreneur. The problem is, transitioning from an employee environment to your own venture is different and filled with challenges, which makes you feel frustrated and uncertain. With the right support and tools, you can overcome these hurdles, which is why I offer tailored coaching for entrepreneurs like you. Here's how my approach is unique:

  • We start with helping you identify your true values, priorities, strengths, & meaningful LIFE vision to use as a filter for every decision and action in your business.

  • I provide a custom goals framework to align your business with your life goals.

  • I guide you through defining your Master Action and Accountability Plan to create your custom roadmap to your goals.
  • I focus on equipping you with tools & critical skills of self-leadership, self-discipline, and self-accountability to create momentum & stand in confidence to get out of your own way.

  • I offer strategic support and coaching, so you never feel alone in your journey.

You are a high-achieving woman who deserves to be her own confident CEO. You are meant to be here. Let's get you across the finish line. 

Your Coach,

Join the Accountability Code


Years Teaching, Coaching, & Mentoring Experience

Here's how it works.


Join The Accountability Code

Accelerate the path to achieving your goals today.



Craft a Tactical Plan

Together, we will create a tailored strategy and provide support.


Achieve Your Vision

Live life on your terms and spend time on what matters.

Join the Accountability Code

"I reached my initial 90-day business goal in my first 60 days! I'm set up to hit about 3.5 times my original goal by the end of my 90 days!"

Don't get sucked into entrepreneur quicksand

Together, we'll conquer your unique challenges by transforming obstacles into stepping stones and giving you a clear path to success.

Here's What We'll Accomplish Together

  1. Accountability Code 90-Day Roadmap
  2. Becoming Your Own Confident CEO
  3. Extraordinary Goals
    (S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Success Framework)
  4. Your Custom Future Focus M.A.A.P.
  5. Implementation Accountability / Coaching / Support


A 3-Month Program with Foundational Curriculum, Weekly Coaching, Accountability, & Implementation Support To Help You Achieve Your Most Important Goals


Entrepreneurial Success Foundations

  • The Accountability Code Foundational Curriculum
  • Weekly Live Small Group Coaching, Accountability, & Implementation Support
  • The Accountability Code Guidebook 
  • 1:1 Goals Gap Audit call with Nancy

Bonus & Accelerator Workshops

  • Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential Workshop
  • Maximizing Your Time, Performance, & Productivity Workshop
  • Marketing Magic
  • Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs
Join the Accountability Code


The Accountability Code is right for any solopreneur or entrepreneur that needs clarity & direction, has difficulty staying focused & accountable, comes up against negative self-talk & limiting beliefs, or is feeling isolated and lacking support. 

In The Accountability Code you'll learn to master the critical skills to becoming your own confident CEO: self-leadership, self-discipline, self-accountability. Only then will you make confident decisions, take aligned action, and create results without constantly wondering if you're doing it 'right'.  If you're ready to lead yourself confidently to achieve any goal you choose, then this program is right for you.  

There will be a replay of all the live calls inside the course portal so you can schedule a time to watch that works for you. 

The foundational curriculum, tools, and call replays are housed in a client portal which you will be granted access upon registration and for duration of the program.  

The Accountability Code Guidebook with the concepts and tools utilized during the program will be available for download so you can access it as an ongoing resource during the course and in the future.

The course modules are structured as follows:

  • The Accountability Code 90-Day Roadmap
  • Becoming Your Own CEO: From Employee to Successful Entrepreneur
  • Setting the Right Goals & Why the Corporate Method of SMART Goals Doesn't Work for Today's Entrepreneur.
  • How to Set & Achieve ANY Goal with the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals Framework
  • Implementation, Support, & Coaching
    • Mastering Self-Leadership
    • Mastering Self-Discipline
    • Mastering Self-Accountability
  • The Accountability Code Complete Guidebook
  • Bonuses & Accelerator Workshop Replays
  • Accountability & Coaching Call Replays

You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the weekly live calls or submit a specific question ahead of time.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, just send a quick email to:  [email protected]

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